Rainy Season

Stay Safe In Rainy Season by Lift Up Your Homes With Saihouselifting

The rainy season is coming and we have a few months to lift our homes. Let us make use of this time by weighing the option of raising homes and learning about the benefits it will bring.

The problem of rain during summer in recent years has become more and more serious, especially in late June or July. At this time, if your house is flat-roofed, you may be worried about sudden storms or have to move home often because it is hot and uncomfortable. However, if your house is not flat-roofed, you might worry about leaks when it rains. So the best way to shelter from heat and rain is to lift your home to be safe in the rainy season!

These days, owning and living in a home is no longer a luxury. It’s actually vital to live and raise a family in a safe, decent and comfortable home.

Though there are many ways to improve the aesthetics of your home, not everyone is able to do so. But one thing we can all do to make our homes safer: Lift Your Home to Be Safe in Rainy Season.

There are many benefits of lifting your home:

  1. Protects foundation from ground water: Ground water can seep under the floorboards and cause problems like dampness, mildew smell, and rot. Foundation repair costs can run into thousands of dollars if not addressed early enough. Lift your flooring to protect it from groundwater before it turns into a major problem!
  2. Keeps pests out: Pests like termites, ants, and cockroaches will be kept at bay if there is enough gap between the top of your floorboards and the ground outside. This also makes it harder for them to get inside your home!
  3. Makes cleaning easier: To keep your house clean, you don’t have to worry about stepping on mud or wet grass if you have lifted floors. You will also be able to mop up any unwanted spills easily

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