When you are looking for house lifting services, most people automatically think that it is only a foundation service. A foundation service is just one aspect of the many ways that a house can be lifted; there are two other popular uses for a house lifting job. One use is to replace bad soil or weak soil with good soil which is required when removing trees or digging holes. The second use is to add in some space by raising the house and adding in a basement area beneath it. Some people use these foundations services to lift homes because they suffered from mudslides or floodwaters reaching the structure and causing damage. The Process: The two types of house lifting services are slab/joist and beam/column. The beam/column method is the most common, but there are situations where the slab/joist method can be used, such as when there is a solid concrete foundation. Slab jacking is the most common type of house lifting service.

How House Lifting Works: To repair a foundation, the house must be lifted, and the soil beneath it must be replaced. The foundation is inspected to find the cause of the damage, and the necessary repairs are done to correct the problem. The necessary repairs can include: replacing concrete, jacking up the house, adding new footers, and placing a reinforcement beam. 

The Concrete is Replaced: When there is a need for repair, the concrete is replaced. The new concrete must be poured a level in thickness as the old concrete to help keep the house level. The new concrete is poured into sections that are created and are marked out with a pencil. Once the section has been poured, it is allowed to dry. The process is repeated until the entire area has been repaired.

The Jacks are Tested: Once the concrete has dried and been smoothed out, the jacks will be tested. The jacks will need to be tested for pressure and load. The jacks support the weight of the house, so they need to be able to handle the weight of it. Once all the jacks have been tested, the lift will be lowered slowly. If the house is put back down too quickly, it will cause the new concrete to crack. Once the house has been placed back down, the footers are drilled. 

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