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How House Lifting In Flood-Prone Areas Works and its Beneficial

House lifting is a method of moving a house that has been flooded out of harm’s way so that the damage caused by water can be repaired. This is done by lifting the house from its foundation and placing it on wooden blocks or skids until the home is ready for permanent repairs.

House lifting allows you to move your flooded home out of harm’s way while allowing experts time to perform necessary repairs below grade. By raising your home, professionals are able to access damaged areas without having to worry about water damage above them, which allows them to make more accurate recommendations about how best to repair your property after flood damage has been assessed. In addition, raising your house allows you more time between the flood event and when permanent repairs need to be made so that you can recover financially.

Stilt Parking

house lifting Helps to create space in a small area

A house lift is a safe and reliable way to open up space on a lot and can be an excellent alternative to demolition. And while this is an extremely popular option in the community of Palo Alto, we didn’t want to stop there. Sai lifting has helped families all over the state with their house-lifting needs. We are proud of our expertise, and we want families to be able to take advantage of our extensive experience, so they can enjoy their remodeled homes as quickly and as safely as possible.

Gives you extra space in your house without damaging roots.

It is a very strong and durable structure, less painful and expensive when compared to other demolishing alternatives. There are many companies available in the market with good reputations but one must not underestimate the intensity of the house lifting process. The most crucial point which should be considered is the fact that if there was any heavy object like a water tank or chimney, it can be also moved to a new place.


Pays for itself when you look at the cost of reducing flood risk.

The last thing I want to mention is that there are a lot of unexpected cost savings you might not realize come with the help of water control products. You’re likely reducing future flood risk, which will save you money down the road when such floods happen less often—fewer homeowners policies get canceled because of flooding, for instance. And when those rare storms do hit, you’ll be more prepared for them.

Takeaway: House lifting protects your money, property, and family.

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