Assam is the place where people frequently face the issue of water sewer. If continued, such issues can cause severe damage to the very foundation of the house/ building. Citing the possible risk, house lifting services in Assam are gaining popularity. Building structures in cities like Jorhat, Tezpur, Tinsukia, Silchar, and even Guwahati are more prone to such issues as fast developing and expanding their legs. In such expanding projects, many times infrastructure part goes unnoticed, and incidences happen. House lifting and house Alignment are some of the musts for buildings/ houses in these cities.

While providing these services, the company owner must take care of safety for employees, clients, and surroundings. Changes in the soil, weather conditions are causing damage to the houses and impairing their foundation.

The expert team should visit the site and research to find the root cause and provide solutions accordingly. Creative and innovative but trustworthy solutions are the main element of Sai House Lifting service.