Deforestation is the major cause of river flow in Bihar. Patna, Muzaffarpur, Gaya are the major cities where flood situations occur in the rainy season. There is a need for increasing house lifting services in Bihar to avoid such kind of dangerous situations. Technological advancement has made it easy for people to relocate their houses and work area in the recent time. We are working to provide house lifting, shifting, and alignment services in Bihar. We are offering the best house lifting services in Bihar and near areas as well. Patna is a comparatively developed city in Bihar and many people are preferring to get house shifting and alignment services. We ensure to make the house foundation strong. As the building gets older it starts putting pressure on other sections of the house or make other sections weaker. Cracks in walls and doors are very common. This is essential to take the assistance of our house alignment services to resolve that issue.

We take care of uplifting the houses from the existing level of the road. Hydraulic jack technology is being used to offer this service. It is considered a powerful tool that can hold heavy-weight objects at a time. This technology can rotate heavy buildings carefully. We have professionals who worked on many projects. Consumers are highly satisfied with the services of contractors and lifting of houses is done with the jacks. Bihar is considered the highest flood-prone state in India. More than 76% of the population of North Bihar is living under the threat of flood devastation. This is dangerous for the building, surroundings, and people as well. Lifting a building is the best solution if the owner does not want to reconstruct the building due to economical issues. This is a time and money-saving activity. House lifting services are offering the opportunity to change the foundation of the existing building which is designed with old mechanisms and make its basement stronger. The building lifting service is economically affordable and changes the entire foundation to make it safe and strong. Sai House Lifting is offering reliable services and experienced engineers in Bihar, we review the formation of the entire building before making any changes.