House Lifting Services 29
House Lifting Services 29

Why is Home lifting necessary?

A home is the most precious chattels for everyone. The residents- the home’s family members always strive to make the home more beautiful, safe and comfortable.

The family may add extra to it, and they may carry on remodelling and/or maintenance work. The smallest work costs money and time. And most important, it needs expertise. 

People often carry-on remodelling or restructuring their houses, mainly because it is for fundamental aesthetic reasons. But many other reasons demand House lifting. If your house is built in an area experiencing regular floods like conditions or heavy rain or has the threat of tsunamis, you must consider home-lifting services.  

Our country is a peninsula; all coastal states’ residents face heavy rain, flood, backwater problems, especially in the rainy season. States like Kerala, Odisha are badly hit areas for decades.  There was no solution available in older days other than to leave home with all valuables and memories to save lives to built it again. But Sai House Lifting has come up with expert solutions. 

Now you don’t need to worry if the flood or heavy rain is predicted. You even won’t need to move your furniture, electronic appliances to any other safe places. Or you even don’t need to keep watch on the water level. During a flood or in heavy rain, you can relax and watch Television because you already have availed yourself house lifting services.

Sometimes only flood or heavy rain is not the reason to house shifting. The House may get damaged due to any other reason. The money value of a raised building or House is always appreciated. If you plan to sell the House in the future, you may get the House lifted in advance.  In this case, local agencies also help in obtaining funds and loans.

Apart from the visual appeal, house lifting also creates extra space in the basement. The owner can make good use of it. 

What precautions must you take before going for House/ building lifting process?

Once you decided to lift your house/building, keep in mind that it is an important decision and gives you rewards for a lifetime, but it is equally crucial. All your lifetime efforts are at stake. Hence, it needs professional assistance. Only contractors who have experience and have maintained their quality should be chosen to work. 

Getting trained workers, the experience of proposed danger, systematic planning, cleanliness while working, the affordable cost is some of the parameters every owner should consider. The equipment used by Sai House Lifting are of highest quality. It ensures the perfect job done and keeps track of the time taken to complete it. The hydraulic jacking helps synchronise the pressure used to lift the jacks, facilitating the entire building lifts evenly and steadily.  The feedback from existing clients plays a crucial role in building trust between the homeowner and the contractor. 

In Kerala, our job is not only to lift the building/ houses but, we are strived to provide long-run benefits and safeguard the dreams each family carry while relaxing inside the home. 

Happy House Shifting!!

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